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Seamless workflow and easy collaboration for your team.

Experience smoother meetings and teamwork like never before. When sharing ideas is as easy as clicking a button, your team can focus on getting the job done right.

Easy click-to-stream app

Share your screen at the click of a button with our simple app. There’s no more swapping cables between presenters. Nothing is plugged into your computer so you’re free to move around the room.

Lesara users Airtame to save time and boost efficiency in the fast-paced fashion industry


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You don’t spend the first 5, even 10 minutes of a meeting figuring out which cable goes where and different computer settings and having to call IT. The value of Airtame is that it’s really just two clicks. Anyone can use it from wherever you are.

Julie Görgen, Head of People and Culture, Lesara


For meetings and KPIs

Whether you’re pitching an idea to an important client, or you need an easy way to display a KPI dashboard to keep your team up-to-date with the latest data, Airtame covers all your team’s needs with a single device.

GoMore relies on dashboards to analyze data and improve operations


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Summ Accounting
User stories

Summ Accounting

Our machines are split 50/50 Mac and PC. Setting up conference rooms to accommodate both tribes was always tough. Now it’s just plain simple.

Time White

Tim White

Technology Manager, Kelliher Samets Volk

My client can now present files across rooms with ease. The ease of implementing settings to multiple airtames at one go is a real time saver!

Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee


Everything must be as efficient as possible, so it’s really perfect to have a product like Airtame. It makes everything much easier and faster.

Meike Schrankel

Meike Schrankel

Head of Fashion Merchandise, Lesara
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You don’t have a threshold for showing something on the screen. It’s very convenient for all of the participants in the meeting. It’s really easy and flexible, which I think adapts very well to the way we work at Daniel Wellington.

Martin Backsell, Logistics Development Manager, Daniel Wellington

Designed for easy use

Airtame click to stream app

Click-to-stream app

It takes one click in our app to stream to the big screen. You don’t have to fumble with cables, adapters, or complicated software anymore.

Stream with our app
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For guests too

Your office guests will love how easy it is to use Airtame. If there are administrative restrictions on the network, it’s no problem. Just use our Windows Guest app.

Airtame digital signage

Easy digital signage

When no one is presenting, show custom images, slideshows, or public websites on Airtame’s custom home screen in minutes.

Create your home screen

Designed for easy
deployment and maintenance

Airtame cloud

Airtame Cloud

Manage and monitor all your devices from one central hub without ever leaving your desk. With Airtame Cloud, you save time and stay in control.

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Airtame MSI deployment

Mass deployment

Deploy a fleet of Airtames easily with our Windows mass deployment installer. Setting up Airtames across your campus is no problem at all.

Deploy with MSI
Airtame support

Live tech support

When you need a helping hand, our team of experts is always ready. We’re available by email, chat support, and phone, whichever you prefer.

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