Airtame in Education

Empower students and educators to create meaningful connections

Students and educators engage and discover together with Airtame’s easy wireless collaboration. Spark conversations by transforming the classroom into a place to explore.

Spark student engagement

When participating is as easy as clicking a button, students feel like an active part of the lesson. Students can use Airtame from any of their devices, so no one is left out of the conversation.

Students from Desert Sands Unified School District love using Airtames for presentations and group work


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Educators can inspire with nothing holding them back

Educators are free to interact on a more personal level with students without cables tying them to their desks. And with fast switching between presenters, there’s more time for learning.

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Airtame quote

It completely changes the way we can teach and interact in the classroom. I can easily have a student show me and the rest of the class how they solved a specific problem.

Lars Therkelsen, Mathematics teacher, Campus Vejle


For classrooms or huddle rooms on every campus

Whether you’re in an elementary classroom or your university’s huddle room, Airtame lets you share your screen in seconds. Group work can carry on without stopping to fumble with cables, so focus and creativity stays high.

Hult International Business School has 172 Airtames in huddle rooms for easy, time-saving collaboration


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User stories

Hult International Business School

Desert Sands School
User stories

Desert Sands
Unified School District

It was incredibly easy for the marketing team to set up, and configuration was a breeze.

Allan Wille

Allan Wille

CEO, Klipfolio

It was easy for teachers to just pick up and go. We just plug in, and they are able to use it.

Carlos Silva, Cloud Support Technician

Carlos Silva

Cloud Support Technician

It saves the IT department a lot of time maintaining and updating the devices.

Jonas Rønbøg Nørnberg

Jonas Rønbøg Nørnberg

IT admin, Hjørring Gymnasium
Airtame quote

We do a lot of group work. It’s really important for kids to learn to work with others.

Tina Burr, Teacher, Glenn Middle School

Designed for easy use

Airtame click to stream app

Click-to-stream app

It takes one click in our app to stream to the big screen. You don’t have to fumble with cables, adapters, or complicated software anymore.

Stream with our app
Airtame pin code

Pin Code Connect

Control who can stream to your classroom’s screen by requiring a pin code before a stream. If you’re not in the room, you can’t stream to Airtame.

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Airtame digital signage

Easy digital signage

When no one is presenting, show custom images, slideshows, or public websites on Airtame’s custom home screen in minutes.

Create your home screen

Designed for easy
deployment and maintenance

Airtame cloud

Airtame Cloud

Manage and monitor all your devices from one central hub without ever leaving your desk. With Airtame Cloud, you save time and stay in control.

Explore the Cloud
Airtame MSI deployment

Mass deployment

Deploy a fleet of Airtames easily with our Windows mass deployment installer. Setting up Airtames across your campus is no problem at all.

Deploy with MSI
Airtame support

Live tech support

When you need a helping hand, our team of experts is always ready. We’re available by email, chat support, and phone, whichever you prefer.

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