Say hello to wireless screen sharing

Airtame dongle

Airtame is a device for streaming content wirelessly. Plug it into the HDMI port on your TV or projector and share your screen from any device.

Mirror your screen from any computer

With full screen mirroring, you’re free to share your work from all major platforms. And those cables cluttering your table? Gone.


Present on the go.

Use Airtame’s presentation app to show slides from your mobile devices. Or try AirPlay iOS mirroring to share your entire screen from your iPad or iPhone.

Screen mirroring on Android is not available.

Stream to multiple screens

Laptop streaming to multiple screens

You can share one computer screen to multiple Airtames.
This is great for large auditoriums using more than one display screen.

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Display KPIs, custom images,
or websites

Would you rather have a blank TV or a customized wallboard?
Set a dashboard, website, slideshow, or custom image. You decide what’s displayed when you’re not streaming.


Dashboard made with Cyfe

Explore how to set up dashboards with our partners

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Explore dashboard features

Runs on its own

The wallboard is a web browser running on Airtame. That means it works even when your computer is turned off.

Changes with a click

It’s easy to change the background. Simply copy/paste a new URL in your settings and save to load the new image or website.

Updates in real-time

Since the wallboard is a browser, the displayed content refreshes and stays updated as long as Airtame is connected to internet.

Websites that require login or use Java, Flash or other heavy animations not supported.
Set your own dashboard

Manage all your Airtames from the Cloud

Airtame Cloud is an IT admin’s dream. Stop chasing support requests. Try easy remote management that lets you manage and monitor devices without leaving your chair.

See how Airtame is Cloud-managed in large companies
Cloud interface

Explore Cloud features

Troubleshoot offsite

There’s no need to leave your desk. Keep an eye on your Airtames and monitor their WiFi signals from one central place.

Invite your colleagues

You can invite several people to your organization inside the Cloud, so all admins who need access can join.

Group edit settings

Edit your settings for multiple devices at once. From resolution, discovery protocol, or home screen settings.

Much more is on the way. Check our Cloud roadmap

Connect to the right screen with Pin Code Connect

With Pin Code Connect, type in a 4-digit pin code to start a stream. Users from another room can’t interrupt your stream and you won’t stream to the wrong screen by accident.

Learn how to connect with pin code
Pin code connect on laptop

Four layouts.
Countless possibilities.

Airtame’s home screen is yours to customize. Show a streaming guide for new users. Or remove all layouts to show off your dashboard or branded image in fullscreen.


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