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Easily deploy a
wireless solution to
every classroom

Build a collaborative classroom for teachers and students with powerful features and personal support. Save time with easy deployment on any network.

Smooth installation in TVs or projectors

Airtame is slim-built to fit behind any TV or projector, so there’s no need for wall mounts. Just plug Airtame into the display’s standard HDMI port and power it with the USB port.

Hear from the tech team at Desert Sands Unified School District


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Airtame for education

Works with any network setup

Integrate Airtame into a variety of network setups. Whether you have two separate networks for staff and students or you prefer an Ethernet connection, our solution adapts to your needs.

  • Enterprise network support (WPA2)
  • Ethernet option
  • Works across VLANs
  • Works with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Educator and student friendly app

Quickly train educators in a matter of minutes with our simple click-to-stream app. Students and visiting educators simply download our app and connect to the network.

  • On-screen instructions to guide new users
  • Easy mass deployment (MSI)
  • Works on any device
Airtame for education

Airtame quote

We ordered 20+ Airtames and were able to get all of the devices deployed, set up and end users trained in less than one day and the start of school went off without a hitch.

Chris Kaiser, Network Engineer, Fox C-6 School District

Stay in control from the Cloud

Manage all your devices remotely at no extra cost. With Airtame Cloud, IT admins can group edit settings, update, reboot, and more without stepping into the classroom.

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Hult International Business School likes easy deployment and time-saving management with Airtame Cloud


Group edit devices

Cut your workload down and push out changes in batches. Airtame Cloud lets you edit multiple settings for multiple devices at the same time.

Manage remotely

Stay in control of your classrooms from the comfort of your own desk. With Airtame Cloud, you can troubleshoot without running from room to room.

Free updates

Get all our latest improvements and new features as soon as they’re released. The best part is you don’t pay extra or buy new hardware.

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