PingFlow and Airtame

Show your PingFlow dashboard on a TV

By installing Airtame in your TV and setting a PingFlow dashboard, you have found the secret equation to a data-driven business. The result is a wireless dashboard that updates your metrics in real-time.

Set up Airtame

Plug Airtame into your TV and connect it to your WiFi network for internet access.


Get your Dashboard

Create a public PingFlow dashboard to share with your team and copy the public link.



Paste the link into your Airtame’s settings and your dashboard will display on the screen. You can now consistently track your company’s progress.


Airtame 💚 PingFlow

With Airtame and PingFlow, it’s easy to keep an eye on your KPIs. Tracking your business metrics allows your teams to focus on their operations, meet their objectives, and increase efficiency. Start developing the core engine of your business now!

Show your PingFlow dashboard on a TV

Go wireless and start working smarter

What is Airtame?

Airtame is a small screen sharing device that plugs into the HDMI port of any screen or projector. Connect it to your WiFi network and everyone can use it wirelessly.

For wireless presentations

Stream wirelessly from all major platforms

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For dashboards

Set a dashboard or website on your TV

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What is PingFlow?

PingFlow helps all teams set and achieve goals through visual digital management. By displaying the right information and KPIs, PingFlow lets teams focus on their operations, meet their objectives, and boost their productivity. By bringing clarity and transparency to your data, you create better decision-making and performance. Drive the transition to lean, agile and digital organizations using zero paper, 100% mobility, and innovative technology.

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