Some of our great customers

We are very proud to have helped a lot of companies, educations, hotels, institutions and even a basketball team go wireless. We’ve gotten to know so many great people and we’re happy to share their stories. Below you will find an intersection of videos, reviews and comments from some of them. We hope this will help you understand the versatile and useful nature of our cableless HDMI dongle.

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“…it allows us to get rid of some cables and that is always an added value in a company where you want your offices to be as clean as your designs. The GoMore office is a nice and well designed place and Airtame contributed to that and increased the value of our offices.”

“We had the legacy wiring in the wall, VGA with audio, some s-video. And the teachers were complaining that they weren’t able to use HDMI technology. We got one of your trial devices, plugged it in, and it worked the first time through, and it was something that our teachers could now stream HDMI without having to fully plug in the VGA cable and the sound cable at the same time.”

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“I have used it a number of times now in presenting to large numbers using a large screen TV, and it has not let me down.”

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“…recently installed two of them in our town’s high-school/conference centre.. all works brilliantly, from all devices that have been tried so far regardless of OS or type.”

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“Convenient, straightforward and highly functional as designed. And getting better everyday. Glad I funded it on Indiegogo!! Definitely worth it.”

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“…Absolutely great companion device for anyone doing presentations. Software updates are coming periodically improving functionality. I also like new feature with dashboard display over url.”

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“Great product and a huge boost for company morale. After implementing Airtame in our offices for transparency and accountability we have seen a lift in interdepartemental curiosity in numbers and goals and a better understanding throughout the company regarding our milestones and how we are getting there.”

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“A great device to quickly allow devices to stream to TV’s or other display. Worked right out of the box. The Airtame support staff are quick and ready to help if there are any questions or issues.”

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Airtame is a clever device that meets our wireless streaming needs and the product just keeps getting better. I will continue to recommend Airtame to anyone that is looking for simple and flexible streaming solution.

Since we started using Airtame for meetings, we have saved a lot of time. Connecting computers to the TV is a lot more time-consuming than you would think. Airtame makes it easy.

Of course, Airtame is a very useful cableless HDMI device, but what really sets it apart from the rest is the dashboard functionality, which we use whenever we are not actively streaming to it. It keeps our eyes on the numbers that are strategically important for us.

Just updated to the latest 1.8 software. The new interface is much more clean. I like the new button for connecting and think choosing modes is much easier now.

Firstly, we are really into aesthetics and Airtame fits good within that as it removes all the clutter. Secondly, we love technology. We are a house full of technical nerds. So, it is awesome to have a product like Airtame in our house.

It is just really nice to have this easy connectivity. With a splash / startup screen it is just easy. Follow the instruction and you are on. Airtame is just really nice you do not have hook up cables and stuff like that.